Community Church of Sebastopol

United Church of Christ

Come and Find the Quiet Center

1000 Gravenstein Hwy North           707.823.2484


Last year, at the Community Church of Sebastopol, we provided 1,426 showers with a clean towel, 1,200 bus passes, and 480 loads of clean laundry for homeless members of our community.

Last year, 600 hungry people had a hot meal on Thanksgiving in our gym.

Last year, we provided 120 hot meals and nearly 1,000 snack bags to hungry members of the community.

Last year, we provided 107 boxes of toiletries and 150 pairs of socks to homeless men.

Last year, we sent 13 teenagers on life-changing service trips.

Last year, we sent 9 adults on life-changing service trips.

Last year, we gave meaning to hundreds of lives by being a community of love and support for everyone, regardless of religious background, sexual orientation, family composition, physical and mental ability, ethnicity, age, or gender identity.

With your investment, who knows what we can do next year!

As a charitable organization, with registered 501(c)(3) status, all donations made to the Community Church of Sebastopol qualify as charitable tax deductions as allowed by law. Consult your tax advisor for details regarding your own circumstances.