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Mission & Outreach

The committee for Mission & Outreach meets on the second Monday of the month at 7 pm in the Fireside Room, January through May and then again August through December. The group does not meet during the months of June and July, but outreach activities continue year-round.

Next meeting for Mission & Outreach: February 12 at 7 pm in the Fireside Room.

Our Mission & Outreach team has spearheaded a number of services that members of the Community Church have continued to provide through their volunteer efforts and donations. As the homeless population in Sebastopol has grown, so has the involvement of our church in serving our neighbors in need. An average of 15 requests for help are received each week.

In 2015 the Community Church provided:

    • 1,426 showers, with a clean towel, soap and shampoo
    • 480 loads of clean laundry
    • 800 bus rides to folks without transportation
    • 107 shoeboxes filled with toiletries and personal necessities of life
    • 150 pairs of socks provided to homeless men
    • Nearly 1,000 snack bags distributed
    • 120 hot meals served at our 2nd Saturday Lunch

    Check out these outreach services: Homeless Support; Food Pantry; Mission Trips and more listed below:

    Alternative Gifts - give the gift of hope

    The Alternative Gifts International is a collection of gifts to donate products or services to a specific cause. When you make a purchase from the Alternative Gifts catalog, you receive a gift card to present, explaining about the alternative gift you have purchased in your recipient's name. Through your Alternative Gifts purchase you can honor your gift recipient by giving someone in desperate need a flock of chickens, eye surgery, a month of care for an orphan or clean water and more. Choose from a multitude of wonderful and helpful gifts that will be truly appreciated. Mission & Outreach will have catalogs available this Christmas so you can give the gift of hope – a gift that can change a life! Christmas TreeShop from home and save gas - give from the Alternative Gifts International catalog.

    Alternative Gifts International catalogs are available in the church entry and the church office. Pick up yours today!

    ShoeBox Ministry

    Look for shoe boxes in the church entry beginning December 3. The shoeboxes are be filled with necessities for a homeless person - see the list here. The box should be wrapped in Christmas paper and placed under the Christmas tree in the narthex. On December 18 members of the Mission & Outreach Board will deliver the gifts to the Homeless Services Center in Santa Rosa. Our Shoebox Ministry gifts can be an important part in the life of a homeless person. Please fill your shoebox generously using “regular” size products (not “sample” sizes). It is important to stick to the list and include all the items as these gifts are opened in a group setting. Homeless Services Center.

    Christmas tree

    Gift Cards for Displaced SRJC Students

    The recent wildfires consumed the living spaces of almost 1000 SRJC students and some lost jobs when their place of work was also destroyed. The college has been distributing Gift Cards provided by donors. The Student Resource Center expects the need for Gift Cards for personal items, school supplies and text books will continue long after Christmas. In lieu of the traditional Socks, Warm Hats, Underwear that decorate our tree, you may instead choose to purchase Gift Cards from one or more of the sources listed below. On Sundays, members of Mission & Outreach will exchange your gift card for an ornament to hang on the tree, or during the week, bring your gift cards to the church office and exchange them for paper ornaments to hang on the tree.

    The gift cards will be delivered to SRJC's Student Resource Center during the first week of January, so gift cards can be placed on the tree through Sunday, December 31.

    Preferred Gift Cards: Target, Walmart, JC Penney, Staples, Safeway, Oliver's Markets, Amazon, SRJC Bookstore. Laundry cards for the laundromat across the street from the JC can be purchased in the church office.

    Sock and Underwear Tree & The Shoebox Ministry

    What once began as our 'Mitten & Hat' tree has now become our 'Socks & Underwear' tree - we just found there was a much greater need for socks and underwear than for mittens or hats - but we will take them all! The items were gratefully received and we know they will get put to good use.

    Our tree is set up by the First Sunday of Advent and you are invited to decorate the tree with warm socks and packages of underwear. There is always a tremendous need for men’s tube socks, women’s and children’s ankle socks and new packaged underwear (women’s size 5-10 or Medium & Large) & men’s and children’s in all sizes. Warm tube socks, packages of underwear and hats can be brought in to decorate the Christmas tree that will be placed in the narthex on the first Sunday of Advent.

    On the third Monday in December, members of Mission & Outreach will deliver your gifts to those in need at the Homeless Services Center.

    Eye glasses collection

    Eye glasses that are no longer suitable for your wear can make a world of difference in someone else's life. Donating your old eyeglasses can save someone in a developing nation from unemployment - recycled eyeglasses can be the difference between a blacksmith continuing his work or closing up shop, or the factor that enables a woman to support herself by doing embroidery rather than becoming destitute. Glasses can be dropped off at the church at any time - look for the collection box in the church entry. Hearing aids that are no longer in use are also a welcome donation.