Community Church of Sebastopol

United Church of Christ

Come and Find the Quiet Center

1000 Gravenstein Hwy North           707.823.2484

Church Officers

  • Moderator: Joyce Cox
  • Vice Moderator: Patty Raney
  • Clerk: Barbara Deedler

Church Boards and Committees

Adult Ed

Gail Thomas, Adult Ed coordinator. Adult Education considers themselves a 'virtual' committee as most of their meetings and decisions happen via email.

Apple Pies

Kathy Bell and Kathy Matthies co-chair our Apple Pies Event, held the 2nd weekend in August, as we prepare hundreds of Gravenstein apple pies for the Gravenstein Apple Fair.

Between Women

Marie Cotton and Virginia Hughes are the best contact persons for Between Women.

Christian Education

Lead by Rev. Rachel Knuth, meets quarterly with the Christian Education Committee to plan the Sunday School curriculum and prepare for special events. Committee members include: Kathy Bell, Jamie Malone, Paula Berndt, Mary McMillon and Laurie Mitchell. Click here to see more information on the Sunday School programs.

Church Council

Comprised of a representative from each board and committee, the Church Council also includes four Members-at-Large. Rev. Ben Broadbent lends his expertise to Council along with Moderator Joyce Cox, Secretary Barbara Deedler and Vice Moderator - Patty Raney. The council generally meets at 7 pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month.


Jane Huneke coordinates our Diaconate team, along with twelve members each taking the lead for a different month. Have questions or need more information? Contact the church office.


If you ever have anything you would like to have presented before the Church Council, or have any concerns about the church, we have four Members-at-Large that can help. Contact: Irma Bachelor, Mary Coleman, Marian McDonald or Marna McKenzie.

Any of these members will be able to provide the help you need, or direct you to the person or committee that can assist you.

Memorial & Endowment

Memorial & Endowment income is used for extraordinary expenses, worthwhile projects and to enhance the missions of our church. The Memorial & Endowment committee meets on an as needed basis to consider grant requests. Members include Jeff Boal, Judy Bowman, Chris Dawson, Jim Jenkins, Kathy Mayhew, Brian Purcell, Patty Raney, Norm Stupfel, Gregg Yaylian and Trustee representative Mark Stevens. Click here for more information on Memorial & Endowment funds and how to apply for a grant.

Mission & Outreach

Steve Beck chairs the Mission & Outreach committee. Members include: Joan Carter, Jerry Coleman, Joyce Cox, Daphne Cripps, Glenda Elvy, Sandy Hendrickson, Janet Minton, Ellen Stillman and Suzanne White.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating committee will meet several times towards the end of the year to bring together a list of potential candidates for our boards and committees, as well as our church officers. Members include: Chris Dawson, Darryl Fenley and Jane Huneke.

Personnel Committee

Personnel committee members include: Kathy Bell, Pat Furber, Bobbie Johanson, Stuart Mitchell and Judy Peterson.

Board of Trustees

Dan Rasmus is the chair of the Board of Trustees, generally meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Members include: Connie Blackstone, Steve Bradley, Bret Felciano, Darryl Fenley, Tony Given, Carole Hudlow, Mark Nelson, Curt Nichols, Judy Peterson, Judy Rice, Nancy Shimetz, Harry Simms, Harry Sullivan and Mark Stevens.

Youth Committee

The Youth committee meets to plan a multitude of events that involve our youth - from the Easter Egg Hunt to the special Advent Event & Luncheon. Members include: Lori Babcock, Sara Jordan and Kathy Noguchi.